Applying design thinking

Design thinking doesn't always mean building shiny apps or websites.

Applying design thinking

Image source: Design Council

I completed the General Assembly User Experience Design course about two months ago, aiming to learn some new skills to apply during the discovery and prototyping phases of projects. Learning how to come up with and prototype an app in five days is awesome, but not necessarily that relevant to my day job as a project manager. So I thought applying my learning from the course was going to be difficult.

However, I've found that the principles of design thinking are applicable to pretty much any problem at any stage. So far, I've used new skills to create pitch presentations that define problems better, wireframe custom CMS back-office features, and create a higher hi-fidelity mock-up to support a business case. More importantly, I've started thinking about every client problem that comes across my desk using design thinking. So, empathise, define, ideate, prototype, and test! Not everything has to be a formal output, sometimes the stages are just in my head!

There's endless room for improving the process and working with a great team, and open-minded clients really help.

If you'd like a chat about my experience of the course, please contact me.

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