Creating a digital innovation e-learning platform for the University of Plymouth’s ATI project

The client

Acceleration Through Innovation (ATI) is a £3 million European Regional Development Fund (EDRF) project led by the University of Plymouth. 

The ATI project aims to inspire and deliver innovative approaches to drive business growth in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The opportunity

ATI approached us to design and build the Innovation Studio to underpin the support it offers to growing businesses. It extends the personalised advice offered by ATI by providing businesses with a set of activities and bespoke resources that increase the understanding of, and potential for, innovation.

ATI explained, "we found a niche opportunity in the business support market in Cornwall. The Studio will be a useful tool for businesses to utilise remotely and is the only fully-funded digital innovation platform in Cornwall."

The opportunity to transform a company from a paper and PowerPoint system to an innovative self-guided digital tool aligns with our core capabilities at Everest.

Working with Everest

“We enjoyed the collaborative approach to the project with Everest. Everest helped us to scope our ideas and formulate our plans for the studio to create a logical plan of work. Everest were easy to work with and understood our needs. If we had any queries or change requests, it was handled quickly and professionally.”


The outcome

ATI was confident in our ability to deliver a quality product based on our in-depth consideration of business needs from the very first conversation. We started with a discovery session to effectively expose the project requirements which guided our decisions throughout the entire project. 

To build the Innovation Studio, we explored a relatively new and emerging tech stack to deliver the app-like features required. The result; a logic-based, interactive tool that stores user details and captures their notes along the way.

We worked closely with ATI at every step of the project to build a strong partnership.

Together we hosted testing workshops with real business leaders to gain feedback and ensure the Studio was customer-focussed throughout.

Image credit: ATI

The Innovation Studio provides businesses with a set of activities to assess their capabilities and encourage strategic thinking.

"We've already received lots of positive feedback from both clients of ATI and stakeholders.

We are looking forward to expanding on the project and building phase 2."


Now complete, the Innovation Studio encourages businesses to think more strategically and to build on the innovative culture within their organisation. It is used as a key resource for additional learning and expertise.

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